Forecourt Retailer of the Year – Company-owned

This award is for an individual forecourt store forming part of a network of more than 10 outlets that are owned, operated and controlled by a single company with a central head office, including franchised sites.


  • Financial performance
  • Site standards and customer service
  • Improvements to the business, differentiating it from the competition
  • Innovation and business development

Post Office Retailer of the Year – Company-owned

This category is for managed convenience stores or supermarkets belonging to a group of more than 10 stores and whose outlet includes a post office counter or combination till. All entries must be for a single store.


  • The winning retailers will be those that can clearly demonstrate how they integrate the two elements – post office services and grocery retail – to make a success of the overall business.
  • Judges will be looking for entries that show how each element works in tandem with the other to mutual benefit.

Store Manager of the Year – Multiple

This award is open to managers of stores belonging to both major grocery multiples and company-owned convenience store chains with more than 10 stores. Managers may nominate themselves, or store owners may submit an entry on behalf of their store manager.


  • How managers have handled their teams to help make the business a success
  • A management approach that helps differentiate the store from its competitors
  • Innovations introduced over the past 12 months and how these have helped the business
  • Communication skills and staff motivation

Store Team of the Year – Company-owned

This award is open to teams working in individual convenience stores forming part of a chain of more than 10 company-owned outlets.


  • The award is designed to recognise store teams that go beyond the call of duty to deliver outstanding customer service and make a real difference to the business and the community they serve.
  • Judges will be looking to reward a team that can demonstrate how its hard work, expertise and enthusiasm have contributed significantly to the success of the business over the past 12 months.