New for 2023 

Local stores have an even better chance of winning a prestigious Retail Industry Award trophy for their store in 2023 after the entry process was simplified to make it easier for small businesses to enter. With independent retailers busier than ever, the number of key criteria have been significantly reduced in the majority of categories, meaning fewer questions that store owners need to answer, but without compromising on the quality of the judging process, which is what has always made the Retail Industry Awards stand out from the crowd.

In a further move to open up the awards to smaller stores, several key categories have been divided up by sizeFood-to-go Retailer of the Year, Forecourt Retailer of the Year, Fresh Produce Retailer and Most Improved Store have all been split in two, with one trophy for stores under 3,000sq ft and one for stores over 3,000sq ft, in a bid to help create a more level playing field across the board.

The blue ribband Independent Retailer of the Year category will continue to be divided into three sub-sections, one for stores up to 1,500sq ft, one for stores up to 3,000sq ft, and one for stores of 3,001sq ft and over.

Brand new awards this year include one for Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, as well as recognition for the Tobacco Retailer of the Year and Tobacco Alternatives Retailer of the Year.