Independent Retailer of the Year

The Independent Retailer of the Year category is judged very differently from other categories. The process is led by our judging partner, John Heagney Consulting and includes unannounced store visits to each of the shortlisted stores.

Judging Partner 

John Heagney Consulting are delighted to have been again selected as the lead judging partner for Independent Retailer of the Year.

The Independent Retailer of the Year category is judged in more depth than any other category at the Retail Industry Awards.

This process is designed to gain additional insights that will deliver real excellence and ensure only the very “best of the best” stores and retailers are shortlisted.

Carrying out a highly detailed, multi-stage assessment delivers a clear view of each business and with all store visits being unannounced, we see these stores through the eyes of their shoppers.

Detailed data is analysed on each store, showing all aspects of the business, and every shortlisted retailer provides EPoS data to support the sales information that is supplied as part of the submission process.

The unannounced visits and expert assessments are supported by still photos and video that is shown to the final judging panel, which is made up of industry leaders from the symbol groups and sector hierarchy.

This year, we are back to physical store visits rather than relying on technology, and a new feature that has its roots in when we were using Zoom last year is a short and snappy recorded interview with each retailer.

The process and methodology we use is industry-leading and will again select only the “very best of the best” retailers and stores in the UK as the Independent Retailers of the Year.