Product Launch of the Year Shortlist

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This year sees 64 products nominated across nine categories, ranging from confectionery to alcohol, soft drinks to grocery. Winners have been decided by you, the retailers, based on products that have performed the best in your store or have been popular with consumers over the past 12 months, or products that you have found the most innovative.

We will be revealing this year's winners at the Retail Industry Awards ceremony taking place on Tuesday 21 September 2021.



Absolut Vodka Passionfruit

Absolut Vodka has added a passion fruit flavour to its portfolio, available in a 700ml bottle retailing at £20.

Brand owner Pernod Ricard UK s ays33% of consumers typically drink passion fruit flavoured cocktails while they are out socialising and the new flavour “gives consumers the ease and ability to re-create their favourite on-trade drinks at home”.

Raja Banerji, marketing director at Pernod Ricard UK, said Absolut has a 40% share of the flavoured vodka market in the off-trade and three in five Absolut drinkers say they would buy Absolut passion fruit.

Blossom Hill Gin Fizz Range

Treasury Wine Estates has launched a ready-to-drink can format for its Blossom Hill Gin Fizz range. The 200ml cans are available in two flavours – Rhubarb and Lemon & Raspberry – and retail at £2.50 each.

Ben Blake, head of marketing for Europe at Treasury Wine Estates, said: “With the combination of the rise in on-the-go formats in the drinks industry and Gin Fizz being synonymous with social occasions, it seemed a natural fit to launch a ready-to-drink format.”

The canned wines market has seen sales increase by132%, he added.

Doom Bar Zero

In August 2020, Sharp’s Brewery launched Doom Bar Zero, the UK’s first widely available 0.0% ABV amber ale, into the off-trade to complement its flagship beer, Doom Bar (the UK’s number 1 cask and bottle ale[1]).

The expert brewing team at Sharp’s have been working for more than two years to develop a pioneering brewing method which ensures that Doom Bar Zero retains a similar flavour profile and stays true to the style of the successful Doom Bar brand while achieving 0.0% alcohol – significantly more difficult to brew than 0.5%.

 As a result, Doom Bar Zero maintains a sweet roasted malt flavour and subtle green hop aroma that has become Doom Bar’s trademark, while also offering its own unique flavour profile with hints of succulent dried fruit and a subtle bitterness.

In January, the number of UK stores selling Doom Bar Zero increased 23% month-on-month[2], in line with increased demand for these options.

Echo Falls’ Blueberry & Hibiscus Rosé Seltzer

Last year Echo Falls launched its first ever Rosé Seltzers! Echo Falls’ Blueberry & Hibiscus Rosé Seltzer is a light and refreshing mix of Rosé wine, sparkling water, and no artificial fruit flavours or sweeteners, with the 250ml (4.5%) cans containing only 69kcal. It was launched alongside two other fruit-fusion flavours: Strawberry and Pink Pepper and Raspberry, Lychee & Rose.

Already the UK’s number one fruit fusion and flavoured wine brand, the Rosé Seltzers are aimed at those cutting back and cutting out.

2020 saw a boom in the trend for seltzers, offering a lighter alternative to traditional drinks such as beer or wine. With blurring Alcohol categories becoming more popular, hard seltzers will likely witness the highest growth rate within the UK’s Ready-to-Drink category over the next five years. We launched our Echo Falls’ Rosé Seltzers to target those cutting back and cutting out and we’ve been really pleased with the reception from shoppers so far.

We’re excited to bring these products to even more people in 2021, as they become a must-stock item for retailers.

Echo Falls Rosé Seltzers are available in grocery, convenience, and wholesale with an RRP of £1.80 (available in 12 x 250ml cases).

Flare Cocktail Bottles

Global Brands has launched a bottle format into its Flare cocktails portfolio.

The 700ml bottles are exclusive to independent retailers and come in Passion Fruit Martini, Mojito and Strawberry Daiquiri flavours, retailing at £2.99 each.

Global Brands says consumer interest in cocktails has surged this year, with more than one in five consumers now drinking cocktails in the on-trade.

Combining that with the popularity of 700ml bottles in the off-trade, Global Brands has launched Flare into this format to “provide the perfect solution for consumers looking for sharing-size cocktails”. 

Gordon's 0.0%

New Gordon's 0.0% provides the bold, piney juniper led character you'd expect from Gordon's. Gordon's 0.0% delivers a truly authentic, vibrant non-alcoholic experience that captures the spirit of Gordons perfectly. Just like your usual Gordon's and tonic, pour 50ml over ice with your chosen tonic and garnish, then stop for a moment and enjoy! Or why not include in your favourite mocktail?

Gordon's 0.0% is created by distilling the same botanicals used in Gordon's London Dry Gin. These botanicals are individually immersed in water, heated and then distilled before being expertly blended together to capture the essence of Gordon's in a delicious alcohol-free alternative. This special distillation process is a closely guarded secret, known only to a handful of people.

JJ Whitley PMP white spirits range

Halewood Wines & Spirits has launched price-marked pack formats for its JJ Whitley white spirits range, in a move it says is designed to drive growth in the convenience channel.

The new JJ Whitley 700ml bottles feature a £15.99 price-point across a range of seven flavoured vodkas and gins, which in addition to Pink Cherry Gin and Raspberry Vodka, includes Strawberry Gin, Violet Gin, Blood Orange Gin, Rhubarb Vodka and Vanilla Vodka.

A £13.99 price-mark will also feature on the JJ Whitley 700ml Artisanal Vodka.

Thatchers Cloudy Lemon Cider

Thatchers Cider has unveiled Cloudy Lemon Cider, a naturally cloudy Somerset cider balanced with lemon juice. The 4% lightly sparkling cider, available in 4x440ml cans, uses dessert apples including Braeburn, Gala and Red Spur to give it a “crisp, sweet taste that is finished with the juice of real lemons”. Jonagold apples are said to help give Thatchers Cloudy Lemon its natural cloudiness.

Thatchers cidermaker Martin Thatcher said: “We are always looking ahead and we believe Cloudy Lemon will reinvigorate the fruit cider category this summer, attracting not only cider-lovers, but also those who enjoy the refreshing zesty appeal of a gin and tonic.”

The 440ml four-pack has an RRP of £5.50.

White Claw Hard Seltzer

White Claw Hard Seltzer, which claims to be America’s most successful new alcohol brand in a generation, has been launched in the UK.

White Claw Hard Seltzer is made from a blend of sparkling water, gluten-free triple-distilled spirit, and a “hint” of natural fruit flavour. Available in three flavours – raspberry, black cherry and natural lime – each 330ml can has 95 calories and an ABV of 4.5% ABV. Each can retails at £2.50.

Creator Mark Anthony Brands International says accelerated hard seltzer category growth is already evident in the early 2020 trends, with White Claw alone up by 315% so far this year.


Costa Coffee Vanilla Latte

In January 2021 Costa Coffee expanded its ready-to-drink range with the launch of Vanilla Latte – a proven coffee shop favourite , now available in a convenient 250ml can format. Vanilla is one of the biggest flavours in Costa Coffee retail and accounts for six million over-the-counter servings every year.

The new variant is designed to tap into 85% growth in vanilla-flavoured RTD coffee over the last 12 months , while bringing a point of difference to the category.

Consistent with the rest of the Costa Coffee RTD range, the Vanilla Latte offers consumers an authentic coffee experience with less milk and 30% less sugar than its competitors, allowing another of its USPs – Costa’s signature Mocha Italia blend – to shine through.

The RTD coffee sector is experiencing 22.6% growth in value , as consumers look for pick-me-ups on-the-go, and increasingly at home as well. Within this, Costa RTD is the fastest growing brand in value terms , and the brand is continuing to drive continued growth through incrementality – more than 50% of Costa RTD consumers are new to the sector .

Rustlers Cook in Box – All Day Breakfast Sausage Muffin

A sausage patty topped with a cheese slice and brown sauce in an English muffin. The ‘Cook in Box’ packaging format enables consumers to heat the fully assembled burger without opening the pack. The packaging performs a dual role, creating a protective barrier around the product, eliminating any messy preparation in the workplace or with in-store microwaves, whilst also acting as a product carrier to enable easy consumption on the go.

Rustlers Cook in Box – Supreme Cheese Melt Burger

A flame grilled beef burger topped with a cheese slice and Rustlers signature sauce, in a sesame seeded bun. The ‘Cook in Box’ packaging format enables consumers to heat the fully assembled burger without opening the pack. The packaging performs a dual role, creating a protective barrier around the product, eliminating any messy preparation in the workplace or with in-store microwaves, whilst also acting as a product carrier to enable easy consumption on the go.

Wall’s Microwaveable Slice Range

Wall’s Pastry has expanded its product line with the development of its first microwave range. The range, designed specifically to be heated in a microwave, is a modern twist on the brand’s traditional slices, and showcases flavours from around the world, featuring a Mexican Chicken Fajita Slice and a Chilli Beef Burrito Slice as the first two products in the range. The slices can be consumed both at home and on-the-go making them an ideal quick and convenient snack and a great lunchtime alternative.

Mike Holton, brand manager at Wall’s Pastry said: “The microwave slices were developed to fit seamlessly into busy lives, they make the perfect lunch for those working both in the office and at home, and will be an easy satisfying meal alternative for teenagers and students. We wanted to create products that offer new and exciting flavours from around the world, while also providing a tasty product that could be heated and consumed quickly for those that are on-the-go.”


Aero Dark & Milk

Nestlé Confectionery has added an Aero Dark & Milk variant to its portfolio. The variant is available now in 90g sharing bars retailing at £1 and is made with 51% cocoa solids and 9% milk solids.

Hannah Smithson, brand manager for Aero, said: “More shoppers than ever are seeking out the stronger flavour notes of dark chocolate, but we know that some people can find the taste overpowering.

“We have combined cocoa and milk solids to produce rich and smooth chocolatey bubbles that melt effortlessly in your mouth – and we hope people will agree that the result is irresistible.”

Bonds of London Just Dessert Chocky Road Shaker

Cups "Bonds are 'shaking up' the traditional pick 'n' mix offering by expanding their range of Shaker Cups. Inspired by a British classic and one of the nation's favourite desserts, the latest Shaker Cup variant sees Bonds create a Chocky Road mix. Influenced by the indulgent Rocky Road chocolate treat, this shaker cup is packed with a mix of milk chocolate cookie and fudge clusters, chocolate flavour disks with candy topping and soft vanilla flavour mallows. The other product in the Just Desserts range includes Berry Mess Mix, based on the other popular dessert, Eton Mess.

The Shaker Cup format offers many benefits including the option to reseal with ease and portion control, more hygienic compared to a traditional pick & mix display and requires less space in store.

Fantastic value at £2 RRP for a 285g cup."

Bonds of London Let The Good Times Be Gin 130g

A brand new confectionery bag inspired by one of the nation's favourite cocktails, Rhubarb & Gin. 'Let The Good Times Be Gin' featuring Rhubarb & Gin flavoured gummies, is aimed at the adult gifting and sharing market. This is one of three brand new launches within the 'Tipples' range, with the Gin inspired product offering a novelty and fun, yet uniquely flavoured confectionery bag. Great for impulse and priced at £1 RRP for 130g, featuring eye catching, colourful packaging, a fun pun slogan and uniquely shaped pieces.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Buttons

We are extremely proud to be the nation’s favourite chocolate* and, as the category leader in the UK, we always look at the latest innovations and flavour trends to ensure we’re offering retailers the right range to meet current consumer tastes.

Flavour NPDs are a key driver of category growth**, with Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Buttons offering consumers a twist on a much-loved brand, combining the leading chocolate brand in the UK*** with one of the nation’s favourite flavours.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Buttons are available in 110g bags as well as 95g bags in cases of 10 units each, and aimed at consumers who are seeking new flavours and experiences from their chocolate choices.

*Nielsen data ending 26.12.20

** Source: Nielsen Total Mkt Inc. Disc, MAT to w/e 28.11.20 (TOTAL STD. CHOCOLATE EXCLUDING PREMIUM).

***Nielsen data ending 26.12.20

Cadbury Nuttier

Over the past year the Cadbury brand saw year-on-year growth* through marketing activations combined with excellent NPD performance. This impressive growth was more than triple the growth of the chocolate category as a whole.

Cadbury Nuttier is one of the latest innovative products to join the Cadbury portfolio, offering consumers the opportunity to enjoy the best of both sides and live a life of balance. The brand has three exciting flavours - Peanut & Almond, Coconut & Almond, and Cranberry, Almond & Peanut - which are filled with fibre and made with over 40% whole fruit & nuts, designed to give the ultimate taste experience.

Finished with a layer of delicious Cadbury chocolate, the launch provides shoppers with a great tasting treat and enables those looking for the right balance to enjoy an alternative for whatever the day holds.

The brand has also recently unveiled a new study to mark the launch of its brand-new range, in order to help shoppers achieve the perfect life balance.

The bars are available now as 40g single bars with an RRP of £1.19.

* Nielsen data ending 26.12.20

Wrigley Extra Refreshers

Mars Wrigley has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Extra Refreshers. The gum features a thin shell and a “soft chew” and is available in Peppermint, Spearmint and Bubblemint flavours in a seven-piece single pack retailing at 59p.

The launch is supported by in-store and multi-media activity, as well as online. Pre-filled counter-top units are available from cash and carries.

Mars claims the launch of Extra Refreshers will “help reignite the enjoyment of gum for the UK consumer”.

Swizzels Great British Puds

Confectionery brand Swizzels has launched a Great British Puds hanging bag variant, invented and developed by the winner of Swizzels’ “Sweetest Invention” competition.

The 150g bag contains individually wrapped chew bars in Sticky Toffee Pudding, Lemon Meringue, Rhubarb Crumble and Apple Pie & Custard flavours, retailing at £1.29.

A price-marked pack format is available for the convenience sector.

Swizzels claims the hanging-bag format featuring a “brightly-coloured, British design” is set to make Great British Puds “stand out on shelves and appeal to all ages”.

Milkybar Cookies & Cream

Milkybar has added a new Cookies & Cream variant. The 90g sharing bar features smooth white chocolate with crunchy biscuit pieces. Molly Slater-Davison, assistant brand manager for Milkybar, said: “We are always looking for new ways to innovate and delight fans. Cookies and cream is a classic combination for a reason, and we believe our delicious white chocolate makes it unbeatable.” Milkybar Cookies & Cream, which is rolling out now across wholesalers and convenience, retails at £1.

Skittles Giants

Mars Wrigley has launched Skittles Giants, in a move designed to “appeal to a broader range of shoppers”.

The sweets are “softer on the inside and bigger on the outside” than standard Skittles and are available in 45g packs (49p), £1 price-marked packs (125g), 141g pouches (£1) and 170g pouches (£1.49).

Victoria Gell, portfolio director at Mars Wrigley, said: “Consumer testing has been hugely positive, and through our media and in-store support we are aiming to generate huge excitement that will drive purchase. I can’t wait for people to try them.”

Tic Tac Coca-Cola

Ferrero has introduced Tic Tac Coca-Cola in the UK. The new launch combines the refreshment of Coca-Cola with the recognisable shape and format of Tic Tac. The special edition will be available in the next few months in more than 70 countries around the world and available to retailers across the UK throughout the summer. The launch is supported by global communications activity. The limited edition confectionery is available in three pack sizes: 18g at 62p, 49g at £1.41, and 98g at £2.70.

Vimto Trinketto

Bobby’s bestselling Trinketto, now available in the unmistakable, refreshingly different Vimto flavour. The perfect confectionery treat for children at an affordable pocket money price.

Crisps and Snacks

Doritos Stax Sour Cream & Onion

Sour Cream & Onion Flavour Corn Chips

- Seriously tasty Sour Cream & Onion flavour Doritos tortilla chips

- The ultimate sharing snack with a bold new flavour and classic Doritos crunch in one ultra-portable and resealable triangular tube

- Enjoy Doritos Stax on-the-go or share with friends at picnics, parties and gatherings - The Doritos Stax packaging is fully recyclable and widely recycled across the UK

- Suitable for vegetarians

The ultimate sharing snack for the hungriest movers and shakers in-the-know, Doritos Stax offer all the bold flavour and characteristic crunch you'd expect from your favourite snack with the addition of a sleek, convenient and travel-proof design. The new Doritos Stax tube design not only means you can grab you favourite stackable snacks to share on-the-go, you'll also be doing the environment a favour with an awesome fully-recyclable design.

McCoy's Fire Pit

McCoy’s, the UK’s number one ridged crisp brand[2], is continuing to deliver its full-on flavour mission with McCoy’s Fire Pit – a brand new range featuring three great tasting products inspired by the trend of open fire, or “wood fired” cooking.

McCoy’s Fire Pit takes ordinary BBQ flavours to the next level with three sizzling flavours including Flame Roasted Peri Peri, Flame Smoked Chorizo, and Flame Scorched BBQ Ribs.

The launch taps into the fastest growing CSN flavours of Spicy (+7.1%), Meaty (+5.8%) and BBQ (+4.5%)[3].

Fire Pit brings exciting and innovative flavours to the CSN category where taste is the most important factor. Available in Multipack, Grab Bag and £1 PMP formats, Fire Pit caters to all spice levels, tastes and customer missions.

[2] Nielsen Scantrack 31.10.20

[3] Nielsen Scantrack Tot Covg, Value sales MAT 18.04.2020

Bobby’s Pickled Onion Spirals

Immensely popular and best-selling Bobby’s Spirals now with bold Pickled Onion flavour. Delicious impulse snack that leaves you with a zingy sensation wanting more, perfect for children, teens and adults alike.

Prawn Cocktail Quavers

Walkers is bringing back the popular Prawn Cocktail Quaver which was first launched in the 90s.

The flavour is available in single bags (65p), grab bags (85p), £1 price-marked sharing bags, and a pack of six (£1.50).

Will Robinson, portfolio lead for Walkers Snacks at brand owner PepsiCo, said: “Consumers were crying out for us to bring them back via formal petitions and social media pleas.

“They originally launched in the 90s and we are really excited to announce that prawn cocktail flavour will be available again across all channels – alongside the flagship cheese flavour.

“This returning flavour is sure to capture the attention of the nation.”

Pringles Sizzl’N

Pringles has rolled out a Sizzl’N range of crisps, featuring three varying levels of heat intensity. The range consists of Kickin’ Sour Cream (medium), Spicy BBQ (hot), and Cheese & Chilli (extra-hot) flavours retailing at £2.99.

The brand hopes the range will amplify some well-known Pringles flavours “with an extra kick of spice that builds with every bite to test snackers’ limits”.

The flavours come as brand insights reveal 59% of 18- to 34-year-olds prefer very spicy foods, making the new range a “perfect fit for those who can handle the heat”.

Graze Smoky Barbeque Crunh PMP

In its mission to make it easier for retailers to profit from the growing healthy snacking opportunity, graze, the pioneer in healthy snacking , launched its best-selling Smoky Barbecue Crunch punnet in a PMP format to make purchasing decisions even easier for shoppers.

Price marked packs are proven to help drive sales , and with the £1 splash on the front of pack, graze aims to attract shoppers through value perception, in turn gaining their trust and encouraging repeat purchasing. Four of the top 10 healthy snacking, on-the-go SKUs are PMPs - delivering 70% of the top 10 SKUs volume.

Graze has created the Smoky Barbecue Crunch snack to encourage shoppers to opt for a healthier option to traditional crisps, by offering them the BBQ flavour that they know and love but at only 139kcals per portion. Smoky Barbecue Crunch is made from plant-based ingredients and offers grazers over double the fibre and protein compared to traditional crisps . With 50% less salt than the average bag of crisps, shoppers now have a guilt-free way to snack on-the-go.

Walkers MAX KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken Flavour Ridged Potato Crisps

No Preservatives

No Artificial Colours


Suitable for Vegetarians

- 140g sharing pack of Walkers Max KFC original recipe crisps

- Deep ridged Walkers crisps packing a serious punch with KFC's Original Chicken recipe flavour

- Suitable for vegetarians

- No artificial colours, preservatives or MSG

- This pack contains 4-5 servings

Walkers Max - the irresistible deep ridged crisp bursting with delicious KFC flavour for the ultimate taste explosion in every bite.


Ben & Jerry’s Peace Pop

To kick off 2021, ice cream innovator Ben & Jerry’s reimagined its best-selling Cookie Dough flavour so dough lovers can now enjoy it on the go. Combining legen-dairy vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips, a peace shaped, cookie-dough-inspired centre and dipped in a thick chocolatey coating – like the full Ben & Jerry’s line up, it’s also Fairtrade certified.

Cookie Dough Peace Pops come on a wooden stick and nestled into a tie dye wrapper made with 88% paper, making it widely recyclable.

Ben & Jerry’s has always stood for peace, love & ice cream with the original Peace Pops introduced back in 1988 to campaign for peace initiatives, and so the ice cream activists continue to raise a stick for justice and equality today. 

Chicago Town Vegan Pizza range

Two new vegan variants have been added to Chicago Town’s frozen pizza portfolio, following on from the launch of its Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Sticky BBQ Jackfruit pizza.

A Vegan Deep Dish Cheeezeburger pizza (£2.50) and a Vegan Tomato Stuffed Crust Takeaway Smokey Bac’n and Mushroom pizza (£3.50) are available to retailers now.

Chicago Town spokesperson Rachel Bradshaw said: “We have created Deep Dish Cheeezeburger and Tomato Stuffed Crust Smokey Bac’n and Mushroom for our vegan pizza lovers, but know that anyone can enjoy them – vegetarian, flexitarian, anyone who has a passion for pizza.”

Häagen-Dazs DUO Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Crunch

Häagen-Dazs has launched a multi-texture ice cream in DUO Belgian Chocolate & Vanilla Crunch featuring two iconic flavours, side by side in one tub.

Composed of Belgian chocolate ice cream with chocolate truffle sauce and vanilla ice cream with crunchy chocolate shards, the completely unique proposition answers the consumer need for multi-texture consumption experiences, seen to drive purchase frequency.

The hybrid format brings together two contrasting yet complimentary flavours and responds directly to research that shows innovation is what 53% of luxury ice shoppers are calling out for [Nielsen Panel Asda & Grocery Mults, MAT 09Sept 20].


Alpen Light Bar - White Chocolate, Raspberry & Shortcake

In October 2020, Weetabix Food Company launched a new variant to its Alpen Light bars range - White Chocolate, Raspberry & Shortcake.

The new Alpen Light bar delivers on popular flavour trends and contains a delicious treat of real white chocolate chips, raspberries and biscuit pieces at just 67 calories per bar.

This bar is the biggest launch in the last six months in the category and ranked #7 of all launches in the last two years! (Source: Nielsen Scantrack 22nd May 2021)

Providing tasty guilt free snacking, Alpen Light Bars are a range of delicious high fibre cereal bars made from the tastiest ingredients, but never at more than 70 calories per bar. With choice and variety are key drivers of growth in the cereal bar category, the Alpen bar range is currently worth over £24.1milion (Kantar 52 we 24.01.21) and has a loyal customer base. The brand aim is to bring new tastes and excitement to the range, ensuring the offering is relevant to consumers who are looking for tasty, but a low in calorie snack

Baked By Rich’s Triple Chocolate Cookie

Baked By Rich’s mouth-watering Triple Chocolate Cookie comes in pack of four luxury soft and chewy cookies packed with Belgian white, milk and dark cholate chunks. The delicious Triple Chocolate Cookie has been developed by Rich’s expert bakers in their state-of-the-art facility in Andover, and lets retailers create a real sweet bakery ‘wow factor’ in grocery or out of home.

The large American-style cookie offers premium coffee shop quality, aiming to indulge customers’ ever-growing appetites for sugary rewards, and in turn drive market sales and margin growth.

Snacking on sweet baked goods is on the rise as consumers are increasingly seeking out indulgent treats and spending more on visually enticing goods that offer an enjoyable and luxurious eating experience. Consumers are also increasingly conscious of what they are eating, so when they indulge, they want it to be ‘worth the calories’. Baked By Rich’s mouth- Triple Chocolate Cookie ticks all of these boxes.

The product also taps into this growing consumer trend of quality baked goods that are available either fully finished thaw-and-serve or as frozen cookie dough for bake-off in store. The retail-ready thaw-and-serve Baked By Rich’s Triple Chocolate Cookie is available in wholesale, grocery, foodservice and the OOH channel and offers a real point of difference to traditional, mainstream bakery options.

McVitie’s British Icons range

Snacking company Pladis has added four new flavours to its McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives and McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Hobnobs brands.

The McVitie’s British Icons range consists of Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Drizzle flavours for McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives, as well as Chocolate Brownie and Sticky Toffee Pudding flavours for McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Hobnobs (£1.59 each).

Emma Stowers, brand director for McVitie’s at Pladis, said innovation was crucial when it comes to keeping shoppers engaged with what is happening in the biscuit category, especially shoppers aged between 25 and 40, who are “increasingly seeking unusual and exciting flavour experiences”.

Bobby’s Mini Ring Doughnuts

Fresh tasting soft ring doughnuts finely sprinkled with sugar. A simple yet delicious treat in popular ‘on the go’ format with an extended shelf life. In 2020 Simply Doughnuts received the Queen’s Award for Product Innovation for their expertise in long-life food production techniques.

Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets

Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets™ are sealed at the bottom wraps that offer a first-to-market solution to the consumer tension of spillage with traditional tortillas, and account for 13% of all value growth within Mexican over the last year [1]

The meal kit ranks in the top two World Food NPD launches in the last year, worth £2.3M since launch [2], and the total two product Old El Paso Tortilla Pockets™ range delivered 24% of all NPD value in World Foods in the last year too [3].

Source for all stats: Nielsen Scantrack data (MAT) 01.05.21

Quaker Oat So Simple Classic Banana

Quaker produces a wide range of delicious, nourishing breakfast options for the whole family. Offering a daily kickstart with 100% wholegrain oats, the addition of banana-flavored oats to the Quaker range was a first in the cereals category with a mixture of rich 100% wholegrain oats and sweet banana.

Quaker Oat So Simple Classic Banana carries an RRP of £2.75 for a pack of 10 sachets.

Quaker Oat So Simple Velvety Chocolate

- 10 x 36.5g sachets of Quaker Oat So Simple velvety chocolate porridge

- Delicious chocolate flavour microwaveable Quaker porridge ready in 2 minutes

- Contains oat beta glucan, which helps lower cholesterol

- Made with 100% wholegrain oats

- This pack contains 10 servings

- For over 140 years, the humble oat has inspired Quaker to make delicious porridge, cereal, granola and more 100% Wholegrain, Natural Flavours, Helps lower cholesterol, No Artificial Preservatives

Quaker Porridge To Go Filled with Cocoa & Hazelnut Breakfast Bar

Wholegrain Oat Cereal Bar with Cocoa & Hazelnut Filling

- 2 x 65g Quaker Porridge To Go Filled Breakfast Bars with Cocoa & Hazelnut

- Delicious oaty breakfast bars made with 100% wholegrain Quaker oats and filled with a delicious cocoa and hazelnut centre

- This pack contains 2 servings

- The same amount of oats as a bowl of Oat So Simple porridge

- For over 140 years, the humble oat has inspired Quaker to make delicious porridge, cereal, granola and more - Cardboard can be recycled

Weetabix Chocolate Melts (Milk Chocolate)

Want great taste and the nutritionals of Weetabix? Hold our spoon…In spring 2021, Weetabix unveiled its tastiest product yet, backed by the goodness of Weetabix and no red traffic lights. What’s not to like? This was an innovative new cereal to shake up the category.

A bite-sized, crunchy Weetabix style lozenge, filled with soft smooth milk chocolate, Melts was designed to meet the growing demand for tasty yet nutritious cereals. The development team recognised an opportunity within the tasty cereal category, which has seen +15.7% growth over the last year (Source: Kantar Worldpanel 52 we 21st February 2021)

Taste-led cereals bring more new shoppers to the fixture than any other type and it’s a category with huge potential, which is why we were confident Weetabix Melts would resonate with these taste-seeking yet health-conscious shoppers.

To maximise the impact in the convenience channel we introduced a £2.99 PMP to support sales.

Melts was in development for over two years to ensure we got the perfect balance of great taste and good nutrition. The idea came from our ongoing monitoring of food and ingredients trends and an apparent increase in demand for products which offer a multi sensorial experience. We applied this learning to the cereal category to come up with the exciting idea of Weetabix Melts, a delicious combination of different textures without compromising on health - an idea that has been rated extremely highly in subsequent consumer research testing.

Weetabix On The Go - Caffé Latte

"There’s a new kid on the block. Meet Weetabix on the Go Caffé Latte a convenient and deliciously smooth breakfast drink. Launched in March 2021 by the UK’s No. 1 breakfast drinks brand - Weetabix On The Go.

Weetabix On The Go is the leading brand in the category holding over 60% share of the breakfast drinks category. Our Caffé Latte breakfast drink contains 37.5mg/100ml of caffeine. Did someone say breakfast and coffee in one? We know, genius!

Coffee is now the second most popular variety of flavoured milk and has a value of £34.5m with growth of 18.1% in the last year . We want to offer shoppers a product that delivers on taste and health to meet the demand in this growing sector.

Our Caffé Latte breakfast drink comes with the strong nutritional credentials you would expect from the Weetabix Family. Caffe Latte is classified as non HFSS (high fat, sugar, salt) and is a source of both fibre and protein. Caffe Latté launched in our new 100% recyclable bottle which, make it easier than ever to recycle as the cap, sleeve and bottle can all be recycled together. The bottle also contains 30% recycled plastics.

All in all, the product development took five months, allowing us to get the perfect smooth blend of milk and coffee. We tried various iterations along the way, including coffee flavourings, but in the end settled on a blend of Weetabix On The Go with real Columbian coffee, which performed really well in our consumer testing. And, we think It’s frappa-latte-ccino-licious!

Launching first in wholesale and convenience in March 2021 Caffe Latte got off to a bold start with the new flavour delivering a +78% uplift vs other Weetabix on the Go £1 promotions. "

Soft Drinks

Capri-Sun Multivitamin Squash

In April 2021 Capri-Sun expanded into the squash category with the launch of Capri-Sun Multivitamin Squash – an exciting first for the no.1 kids drinks brand in grocery and convenience . Moving into squash is a natural progression for Capri-Sun, with research having revealed a purchase intention of 74% among GB consumers.

Capri-Sun Multivitamin Squash comes in Orange and Apple & Blackcurrant variants – the best-selling flavours in the category – in fully recyclable, 1L packs made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET).

Consistent with the rest of the Capri-Sun portfolio, the new Multivitamin Squash range contains no artificial colours or flavours, or added sugar, and is enhanced with vitamins.

The Apple & Blackcurrant variant contains vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6 and Biotin, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, to the normal function of the immune and nervous systems, and to normal mental performance and psychological function. The Orange variant is also enhanced with vitamins B1, B3, B6 and Biotin, and contains Vitamin C to support a healthy immune system .

These benefits – as well as the range’s suitability for vegans and real fruit juice content – are clearly communicated on-pack, to help shoppers navigate the fixture and make confident purchases.

Capri-Sun Multivitamin Squash is benefitting from a £3million above the line media campaign to raise consumer awareness and help drive purchases, including a playful TV advert that ran across social media, broadcaster video on demand (BVOD) and VOD.

Fanta Blue

In February 2021 Fanta rolled out a limited-edition new variant, Fanta Blue, as part of its successful #WhatTheFanta campaign, delivering on consumer demand for zero sugar variants and flavour innovation, and bringing fun and personality to the soft drinks fixture. The liquid inside the bottle could be one of several exciting zero sugar flavours – and the pack gives nothing away.

The variant is available in 2l and 500ml bottles, which invite consumers to scan on-pack QR codes to unlock a series of interactive online clues.

The launch follows on from a successful pilot campaign in 2020, which saw a mystery bright green variant drive five times the rate of sale as seen on Fanta Orange in the same period[3]. This success has been maintained during 2021, with the new blue variant delivering £2million of sales since launch.

The brand has also launched point-of-sale (POS) materials to help retailers drive sales by creating theatre in-store and online – challenging shoppers and brand fans to get involved, and encouraging repeat purchase by highlighting that there’s more than one case to solve.

Lucozade Zero Tropical

Lucozade Zero, the zero sugar range from the UK’s biggest sport & energy drink brand, launched the first ever flavour exclusive to the Zero range in February: Lucozade Zero Tropical. Lucozade Zero offers drinkers the same great taste as Lucozade Energy but with zero sugar - perfect for those looking for a drink with great flavour but without the sugar.

The great-tasting new drink, which is the latest addition to the £21M Lucozade Zero range, is available in 380ml, 500ml and 900ml bottles and 330ml cans as well as multipack formats.

Low and no sugar soft drinks present a huge opportunity for retailers – making up more than half (58%) of total soft drink volumes sold. Over the past few years, shoppers’ spending on zero and low-sugar drinks has increased by 33% and 29% respectively, showing just how important this segment of the market is.

In planning for the launch, Lucozade Zero spoke to retailers and 84% said they would be interested in stocking a new flavour from Lucozade Zero. Research also showed that one in three shoppers would buy more Lucozade Zero if a new flavour was available - so the opportunity for this new Tropical launch was clear.

Lucozade Zero Tropical joins the Zero range of flavours which includes Pink Lemonade, Orange and Original. The new flavour is at the front of shoppers’ minds thanks to a comprehensive marketing campaign including outdoor advertising, PR, digital and social media advertising throughout the summer.

Monster Mule

An energy twist on the famous Moscow Mule cocktail, Monster Mule is the first ginger-flavoured energy drink in GB. The new 500ml variant contains 32mg of caffeine per 100ml and delivers a satisfying taste of spicy ginger with a hint of lime. Just a few months in, Monster Mule is already worth £1.5m .

When energy drinks first hit the market in GB back in the 90’s, there was only a handful of products available, all with a similar taste profile. Today, the segment has diversified heavily with a variety of flavours, juice blends and nutritional formulas. Monster is leading the way in terms of innovation, and this has extended its appeal to more consumers, on more occasions.

As the no.1 deliverer of category value growth Monster has added more than £74m of value in the past year alone . That’s more than one and a half times the growth delivered by its nearest competitor – taking the value of the Monster brand to £342m and giving the brand its highest-ever sector share .

Purdey’s Refocus

Refocus is a blend of dark fruits, naturally caffeinated and contains guarana and b-vitamins - inspired by people wanting to stay mentally sharp. It is also 100% vegan, a source of Vitamin C and B2,3,6 and 12. These functional benefits, alongside the great flavours, help to make wellness more accessible for consumers.

Aqua Libra Raspberry and Blackcurrant Infused Sparkling Water

Aqua Libra introduced a Raspberry & Blackcurrant flavour to its range in March this year. Adding yet another refreshing zero sugar, zero calorie drink that appeals to the increasing number of health-conscious shoppers

Red Bull Zero Sugar

Red Bull has launched no-sugar Red Bull Zero in a move designed to “give consumers the choice to enjoy a zero-sugar product with a different taste than Red Bull Sugarfree”. The variant is available in 250ml cans and retails at £1.29.

The launch is supported by in-store and out-of-home activity, as well as the release of price-marked cans this summer.

The brand says the “formula delivers a similar taste to the classic Red Bull energy drink” but with no sugars.

Ribena Sparkling

Ribena, the number one juice drink in the UK*, brought its unique taste and vitamin C to the flavoured carbonates category with the launch of the Ribena Sparkling range. With a range of formats introduced from the start to address the increase in at-home drinking occasions during the pandemic, the new Ribena Sparkling range was developed in an incredibly quick 12 weeks from concept to launch to offer retailers something new.

Ribena Sparkling is available in two flavours across three formats. Ribena Sparkling Blackcurrant comes in 500ml and 2L PET bottles as well as single and 6x330ml multipack cans, while Ribena Sparkling Raspberry is available in single 330ml cans and 500ml and 2L formats. PMPs are available across the range too to help retailers convey value to shoppers.

Designed to sit alongside retailers’ flavoured carbonates range in the chiller - separately from Ribena’s core juice drinks - Ribena Sparkling is aimed at shoppers looking for exciting new flavoured fizzy drink options. As the fourth** most popular beverage brand in the UK, Ribena is well placed to bring its taste credentials - and drive increased value - to the flavoured carbs category.

The introduction of a range of formats across the Ribena Sparkling drinks addressed the types of occasions shoppers are looking for within carbonated soft drinks. In-home occasions for carbonated soft drinks grew 40%*** during the Covid-19 lockdown period as shoppers embraced more ‘drink later’ drinks, giving retailers a real opportunity for the right brand to drive excitement for shoppers with the right range of relevant formats.

*EXT IRI, MarketPlace GB, Value, latest 52 weeks to 29.03.20 **YouGov August 2020

***IRI MPF Data to 23.03.20, IRI SL Data to 5/5/20

Rubicon Raw

Rubicon has expanded into the energy drinks category with the launch of Rubicon Raw.

The range includes Raspberry & Blueberry, Orange & Mango and Cherry & Pomegranate flavours retailing at £1.29, in 500ml plain and price-marked cans.

The launch is being supported by in-store and in-depot tools, as well as a £1.5m campaign spanning sponsorships and partnerships, social media and social media influencer activity designed to “raise awareness and encourage trial”.

Adrian Troy, marketing director at Barr Soft Drinks, said Rubicon Raw achieved high “purchase intention levels” as consumers recognise the drinks “offer something very new and different”.

YAZOO Jaffalicious Choc-Orange

YAZOO’s fourth limited-edition Jaffalicious Choc-Orange combines the brand’s signature chocolate milk with sharp, sweet citrus tones.

The popularity of chocolate orange as a combination is growing, with a 52% increase in UK search demand for the flavour vs. last year[Google Trends, UK (2013-2020) Dec 2020 – “searches for chocolate orange up +52% in December 2020 vs December 2019”]. YAZOO’s offering delivers an on-trend, exciting flavour to treat existing fans with and entice new shoppers to the category.

YAZOO’s market research identified that 32%[Limited Edition, Onlinebus Survey, Kantar TNS (October 2018)] of consumers wanted to see the variant on shelves.

Tobacco and Accessories 

Embassy Signature Range

Designed to unlock sales amongst shoppers seeking out top brands, the Embassy Signature range offers all the features associated with premium factory made cigarettes (FMC) without the premium price tag.

The Embassy Signature range comprises Gold, Silver, Gold Superkings and New Crush variants. All feature a modern blend using the finest Virginia tobaccos that live up to the high-quality standard consumers have come to expect from the brand, wrapped in premium paper to give smokers a satisfying experience. The range is available with an MRRP of just £9.50 per pack of 20s and in packs of 100 at an MRRP of £47.50.

JPS Players Crushball Cigarillos

Helping retailers cater for consumers seeking out new nicotine solutions in the wake of the Menthol Ban, JPS Players Crushball Cigarillo, the menthol alternative, comprises an American Blend tobacco, wrapped in a natural tobacco leaf and features a menthol crushball within the filter. This provides consumers with the choice of releasing the fresh flavour contained within or smoking as a standard cigarillo. The JPS Players Crushball Cigarillo is rolling out in stores now and available to buy in packs of 10 with an RRP of £4.20 in a price marked pack.

L&B RYO Celebration

To celebrate one year in the market, Imperial launched two new formats and a limited-edition design for its Lambert & Butler Roll Your Own tobacco range, exclusively for the independent channel, which are available to buy in both 30g and 50g formats with MRRPs of just £12.80 and £21.00 respectively.

Furthermore, with research showing 82% of RYO consumers use tips , the 30g offers even greater value for money with the addition of 60 filter tips and 60 high quality papers, while the 50g includes 100 papers.

Sterling Rolling 30g 3-in-1 Pouch

To meet the demand for convenient and innovative RYO products, last year, Sterling Rolling Tobacco, the UK’s No.1 and JTI’s leading Value RYO brand [1], transitioned its 30g 3-in-1 Box to a handy pouch format.

The new Sterling Rolling 3-in-1 format reflects the overwhelming preference for pouches in the UK (98.9% of the RYO category ), delivering an improved, fuss-free experience. The full rolling kit includes 30g tobacco, 100 papers and 77 filter tips.

Sterling Rolling Tobacco holds a 34.2% share in the Value RYO sector, meeting the growing trend for great value with an RRP of just £12.95.

Swan Flavour Fusion Cards

Swan Flavour Fusion Cards enable consumers to create their own level of flavour in a packet of cigarettes or roll-your-own tobacco in just 60 minutes and are available in two variants, Fresh Burst and Menthol. Each outer contains 25 individual cards in a shelf ready outer, to help retailers manage shelf space more effectively. RRP: 39p per card.

Vaping and smoking alternatives

Heets Teak

Philip Morris has launched a new Heets variant for its IQOS heated tobacco system.

Heets Teak is the eighth addition to the range and offers a “toasted tobacco taste with nutty aromas”. Each variant is available in packs of 20 and retails at £5.

Philip Morris says Nielsen data now shows the value share of IQOS and Heets within retail has “surpassed” that of competitor brands in the smoke-free category. It says the IQOS system produces no smoke and less smell and by using real tobacco instead of an e-liquid, it “delivers a more familiar and satisfying tobacco experience”.

Juulpod Menthol

Juul Labs has added a Menthol flavour to its Juulpod portfolio, in a move designed to provide an alternative for smokers after the menthol ban on 20 May. The flavour is available in a pack of four Juulpods, retailing at £10.99.

John Patterson, Juul Labs UK sales director, says about 1. 7 million people smoke mentholated or crushball cigarettes. He says that for adult smokers who cannot or will not stop using nicotine, “having access to alternatives to combustible cigarettes and accurate information about those alternatives is critical”.

Vype Menthol range

BAT UK launched a range of new menthol vaping flavours and starter kits for its Vype brand in time for the ban on menthol cigarettes that came into force on 20 May. The flavours include Peppermint Tobacco, Just Mint and Creamy Mint and have an RRP of £29.95 for Vype ePod Cartridges and £35.94 for Vype ePen 3 Pods.

BAT UK is also bringing to market limited edition starter kits for Vype ePen 3 and Vype ePod for smokers who want to use the menthol ban as an opportunity to switch.

Zeus Juice

Zeus Juice are driven by helping people move away from cigarettes and towards the healthier substitute of vaping. Rebranded and launched in June 2020, Zeus is now available in convenience stores across the UK as well as online and at independent vape retailers.